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Calvary is looking for a new administrative assistant!

As our current administrative assistant moves on to focus on full-time school, we are seeking an organized, friendly, and computer-savvy administrative assistant to work part-time, Tuesday through Friday mornings.

For a full job description and inquiry contact information, click below.

Admin Asst Job Description Sept 2017

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Yearly Medical Permission Form 2017-18

Yearly Medical Permission Form 2017-18

Day 9 It is finished

At 10 PM Thursday, Feb 2nd, the Houtzmobile pulled into Calvary parking lot with 5 Calvary Pilgrims safely returned.  It was about a 28 hour trip with a long layover in London but it went smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers for that memorable trip.   We hope that you enjoyed following us on the blog and we look forward to sharing that experience. It needs to be more than just pictures and memories.   The experience will mean little if we do not use it to glorify God and further his kingdom.

This is the Calvary Five signing off.   Out.

Lynda, Melanie, Nadine, Tom, Tyler

Random Ramblings from the Holy Land

The most essential part of driving a bus is knowing how to use the horn.

Shippensburg needs to work on their dessert bar.

I wonder when the other half of the shower door will arrive?

Is the water cutting off in the middle of my shower a sign that my showers are too long?

Elvis is not on the UFO with Bigfoot, he’s driving our bus!

Mmmm, this is good!    What is it?

Eyes straight ahead – do not make eye contact with the street vendors.

No doesn’t mean no, it means let’s negotiate a lower price.

Keep up (hubba hubba), you’re on your own.

If you get lost, remember 3 things:

1) Jaffa Gate    2) Be sure the taxi driver turns on the meter      3) Olive Tree Hotel

Mesh Moshkelty – Arabic for ”Not My Problem”

For lunch you can have:

  1. Falafel       2. Shawarma   3. Schnitzel

Hamburger – no cheeseburger

5 for $10, 5 for $10, no wait 6 for $10.       How about 7 for $10?

I will never get used to eating salad for breakfast.

What’s the weather, how many layers today?

WC – if you see one, use it, even if you don’t have to.

“I still love you even if you don’t buy” – Charlie Brown – shop owner in Old City

I think we’re all a little tired.

Day 8 The Temple and Old City.

So they brought Tom to Jerusalem to do the Code Purple.  Windchill?  Seriously.  We would be dropped off at 8 in the morning and picked up at 4:30 with almost the entire day outdoors.   First stop, security checkpoint then up to the temple mount.    This place is big!  Pictures and maps do not truly convey the size.  Herod was indeed the master engineer.  We learned a ton of history and how Islam has built the beautiful Dome of the Rock on top of the Temple mount.

St. Anne’s Church is directly next to the pool of Bethesda.  This old church has near perfect acoustics and we praised God in song.  A moment you did not want to end.  And there was no wind blowing.  On to the Via Dolorosa.  There are times you can feel the pain, the sorrow of Christ on his way to crucifixion.  At other stations it was all you could do to avoid the shop keepers from yelling $5, $5 special. But in the yelling, one had a sense of the culture of that very intense, loud jeering that Christ must have felt.  The path to Calvary is steep with many steps.  Perhaps the designers of our own church recognized that.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the traditional site of Calvary and the tomb.  It is jammed packed. Climbing many very steep steps we made our way to the foot of the cross where one by one we kneeled and touched the rock.  The church is under heavy renovation.  Somehow it loses a little something walking away into scaffolding and piles of 2x4s.  When do they have time to actually work?  Jesus tomb is right around the corner.   That doesn’t quite fit the mental image.   The garden tomb we visited yesterday seemed to fit better.

At lunch we prepared our prayers on small slips of paper.  We again went through tight security and on to the Western Wall.  Men to the left, women to the right.  The women’s side was packed.  We had our opportunity to stand where millions of prayers have been lifted before us.

Our final lessons were on the archeology of the Temple.  Recent excavations have uncovered original first century roads, most likely where Jesus walked.  So we walked in his footsteps.  We finished on the teaching steps where Jesus finished his public ministry. Yes these exact same steps.


At 3AM Thursday morning, about the time Wed night studies conclude, we will be awakened and load our bags on the bus at 3:45 AM leaving behind Jerusalem.  7:50 AM is wheels up on British Airways from Tel Aviv to London.  A half a day layover allows time for fish and chips before heading across the Atlantic.  More than 24 hours after departure we are finally back in Newark.