Organizational Structure

Calvary is led by four boards, who each oversee the building and property or various aspects of the services and ministries of the church. Boards meet monthly and business meetings are held 4 times per year. Board members are nominated by a committee, voted on by the church, and serve three-year terms.

Board of Missions

The Board of Missions is comprised of six members. Our mission is to promote missions and educate the congregation about, global, national, and local projects in progress and opportunities to serve. The board seeks and evaluates mission service opportunities and will manage and raise resources to meet them. We work to empower individuals and the congregation to serve as missionaries. At Calvary we believe that everyone is a missionary.

Board of Christian Education

The mission of the Board of Christian Education is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth through education and application of the written word of God. We encourage members to participate in leadership and support roles to provide educational and social programs in which Christ is the foundation.

To that end, the church has an associate pastor for youth and college ages, and the Board organizes young child care; kid and adult Bible study classes on Sunday morning, Wednesday and Friday evenings; kid’s church, choir, Vacation Bible School, and summer camp; Calvary Youth Sunday, Wednesday, and special social and missional events; and Young Adult and College age Bible studies and socials. Our kid and youth leaders are background checked, and all leaders are encouraged to extend their personal Christian education.

Board of Trustees

Six trustees support and respond to the congregation in a variety of ways. This board provides upkeep of the physical property through repair, scheduled maintenance, and renovation; ensures the safety and cleanliness of the building for all who use it; suggests capital improvements as necessary, and safeguards the financial assets of the church. All this is accomplished largely through our own effort and the judicial use of contract labor.

Board of Deacons

Fourteen deacons support our pastors and church staff and ensure the quality of content in worship services. The diaconate is composed of free-thinking individuals with different life-experiences who possess a wide variety of gifts to be utilized and shared. Seven deacons are assigned portions of the congregation to serve and to support through regular communication. The remaining diaconate members concentrate on a wide range of administrative duties and responsibilities associated with worship service operations.