What We Believe

Calvary Baptist Church maintains strong ties to American Baptist Churches USA, a diverse and mission-oriented denomination. We reflect and affirm their identity statements as found in “10 Facts You Should Know About American Baptists”

Church Covenant

We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Influenced by the Holy Spirit, we consecrate ourselves to His service and unite with one another in this covenant:

We will live together in brotherly love and help one another to think, speak, and act as Christians.

We will share each other’s joys and endeavor with tenderness and sympathy to bear one another’s burdens and sorrows.

We will seek to live to the glory of Him Who has called us into His service and to make disciples by encouraging people to discover, celebrate and share life in Christ.

We will make prayer a part of our daily living, seeking God’s help to enable us to do our daily tasks, to overcome temptations and to live righteously.

We will attend the services of the Church with regularity.

We will give due respect and follow the leadership of those who speak unto us the Word of God.

We pledge ourselves to show our appreciation of God’s blessings by contributing cheerfully and regularly to the support of our Church and its ministry in the world.

And we further covenant, that, when we remove from this place, we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God’s Word.

Our Core Values

  1. Christ in our hearts
  2. Love in our behavior
  3. Quality in our worship
  4. Integrity in our ministry
  5. Diligence in our outreach
  6. Accountability in our relationships

Our Purpose

To encourage people to discover, celebrate and share life in Christ.

Our Mission

To make disciples