Membership is open to all who know Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior and who are committed to following Him as Lord.  Membership is made possible in the following ways:


We practice the form of baptism by immersion.  It is offered to all who have made their personal decision to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  While immersion is the form we practice, we also recognize other forms of baptism by those who wish to transfer membership from another tradition.


A letter of notification will be sent to your previous church.

Christian Experience

Believers who have not been active in their last church, or whose records have been lost, may join our church by statement of their Christian faith and previous baptism.


Members of our church who have been placed on the inactive list, can be restored to full fellowship by indicating that desire.

Student Membership

Students and others in our area for a temporary period are welcomed into student membership status for the purpose of local roots and support.

Inquiry/Instruction classes are offered regularly by the pastors for those who wish to learn more about the Christian faith and membership in our church.